ASEFA plans to open more branches. It plans for its trading and service business to comprise 30% of the total. It plans to take part in upcoming bids which will increase its backlog from Bt1.9bn. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
BANPU expects 2017 performance to be robust brought by higher volume and selling price. It expects the coal industry to have bottomed out. It plans to acquire a coal company in Indonesia nest year with a budget of US$135mn. It expects this to increase its mining efficiency. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
BCP is budgeting Bt3bn to open SPAR which is expected to act as a springboard to expand to the supermarket business. It targets 300 branches in 2020. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: SPAR has had some decent success in Indonesia with Ramayana, wouldn’t be surprised to see them be able to replicate it with BCP if BCP allows SPAR management to run the entire operations
BRR plans to set up an infrastructure fund with value not exceeding Bt3.6bn within Dec. It expects 2017 performance to be good brought by higher sugar prices. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: An infra fund for a sugar co? Well ok it does have the bio mass plants
DCON expects 1Q17 to peak on seasonality. It plans to set out its 2017 business plan in Dec. It expects to complete a deal to sell land to Chinese investors next year. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
GL targets becoming a global digital finance player. It plans to expand abroad and do M&As. It targets its market cap to increase 5X to US$10bn within three years. It targets 2017 net profit to reach Bt2bn. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: I don’t doubt the plans nor the profit target but I still shake my head at the valuation

IFS expects 4Q16 earnings to continue to grow because of higher demand for working capital. It expects 2017 performance to grow not less than 10% aided by public investment and stimulus. It expects a high spread in next year on lower interest rate. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
J launched Jas Urban Srinagarindra on 11 rai of land with a new concept of a community mall. It targets this to contribute revenue of Bt150mn/year. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: A miniature SF
K expects 2016 revenue to grow 25% as targeted with backlog of Bt560mn (Bt350mn is expected to be booked this year). It expects 4Q16 earnings to be a record high on seasonality. It targets 2017 revenue growth of 25%. It plans to take part in Bt1bn bids and expects to get 25- 50% of the total. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
LHK expects 2016 revenue to grow 5% on higher sales. It is budgeting Bt40-50mn to increase capacity, with JVs and acquisitions of related businesses. It targets 2017 revenue growth of 5- 10%. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
NDR expects continued growth in 2017, focusing on marketing, branding, and increasing its market share. It plans to set up an associated company to engage in the tire business, with startup in June 2017. It expects 2016 revenue to miss its target of Bt1bn and come in at Bt900mn because of an economic slowdown in Malaysia and lower sales in India. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
PS introduces innovations from Germany to answer the needs of all segments and increase the value of its projects. It expects 4Q16 performance to be good on the back of strong sales from high demand. It expects 2016 revenue to reach its target of Bt51bn. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
PYLON expects growth in 2017 on the back of public projects. It is ready to take part in upcoming bids. It is studying investment abroad, focusing on CLMV. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
SCI expects to sign a Bt10bn contract soon. It plans to set up a plant for high-voltage transmission towers and telecommunication towers in Myanmar, with completion in 2018. It plans to list T Utilities in 2020. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: This contract has been coming “soon” for 6 months.
SEAFCO announced that its subsidiary in Myanmar got a Bt55mn project (bored pile and diaphragm wall). It expects to start the bored pile work in Dec. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
SUPER targets 2000MW with a budget of Bt50bn. It plans to set up a Bt12-18bn infrastructure fund. In 2017 it plans to list Super Solar Energy, which is expanding its capacity both at home and abroad. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: In order for them to reach their targets capital a whole lot of capital is needed, and with the warrants expiring early next year (ex price is 4, current stock price is 1.5) I do suspect a recap is on the cards
TMILL expects 4Q196 performance to mark a record high on seasonality. It expects 2016 revenue to beat its target of 10% as well as net profit. It targets 2017 revenue and earnings to grow not less than 10% supported by government stimulus. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
TTA expects net profit to be back to the black next year on the back of recovery in every business unit. It plans to buy 4-5 dry bulk (60,000 tons) ships. It plans ten purchase transactions, with one completed in mid-2017, using its Bt13bn cash on hand. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: Hmm…this company..should be better…but its management boggles the mind
UAC targets 2017 revenue growth of not less than 20% aided by the petroleum project at Khon Kaen and the energy business. It expects 2016 performance to achieve its target. It expects conclusion of a 20MW biomass power plant in Myanmar this year. It has set out its 3-5 year plan which involves focusing on expansion abroad. (Thun Hoon, 29/11/16)
UNIQ expects 4Q16 earnings to be good and make 2H16 earnings better than 1H16. It expects 2016 net profit to reach Bt895mn (+25%). It plans to get Bt30bn in projects. It targets 2017 net profit growth of 43% to Bt1.28mn. (Kao Hoon, 29/11/16)
Comment: My only question re uniq is whether or not they can win a concession

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