ASIAN: expects windfall from new wave of Covid as social distancing, travel restrictions and curfew abroad trigger restocking of canned food, read-meal & pet food.

Comment: It’s their pet food business that has been driving ASIAN for the past 1-2 years. Something I’ve missed out on. *smash head against the wall*

BDMS: sees strong advance booking at its government certified ASQ facility, Movenpick Wellness BDMS resort, as demand for Covid escape from foreigners grow.

Comment: QoQ improvements to be seen for the next 8 Qs

CPF: holders approved acquisition of swine producers in China total 43 co., worth Bt 131b via subsidiary, Chia Tai Investment (CTI), will book US$ 84m (Bt 2.6b) extra gains in 4Q, expects big jump next year after become a top 5 player in China.

Comment: Left pocket, right pocket.

ILM: kick-off 1 month promotion event, add WFH products, home appliances & display items to boost sales, aiming to capitalize opportunity from shopping tax break scheme.

PTG: estimate 2 subsidiaries, Max Card & Max Solution Service, to expand e-money business, sees value addition to its gasoline retail and non-oil business.

Comment: And with their 8 million card members, what do you think is possible?

RBF: anticipates wider margins 4Q after revamp product mix to gravitate towards functional drink, lower costs from new source of raw material, expects demand for flavor, colors and fragrance remanded strong thru next year as major F&B producers continuously adding new products to market.

SAWAD: estimate subsidiary, Srisawad Digtal, to expand online personal loans business.

Comment: These players are just eating up banks customer base, this is just another way to get loans to the masses. 

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