BAM may report Bt12b FY19 prft, +122% yoy and pay Bt1.3 dividend or 5% yield, and thrive in weak econ, Tabloid.

Comment: If you think this should be trading similar to JMT then its worth 2x. But do realise that BAM’s business model is different. 

D’s appointed by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG to be sole distributor of dentistry production in Thailand.

DTAC may report 4Q19 today at Bt1.65b, on lack of extra expenses, boosting FY19 profit to Bt6.405b, Tabloid.

Comment: A lot of questions still about the CEO changes

EA to realize as much as Bt800m revenue from PCM plant, mulls capacity increase from current 130 tons to 1,000 tons/day in 5 years, firms on 5,000 EV sales and 1st phase battery plant to COD in 3Q.

HMPRO, TM, PHOL expects to enjoy windfall from surged demand for N95 masks & air purifier in the wake of coronavirus threat

Comment: A short term boost. 

JMT upbeats FY20 outlook from debt management business, contribution from auto & consumer loans via subsidiary (SINGER), property unit JAS Asset to transfer remained 50% of Bt540m low-rise condo projects, Newera Ekamai-Ramindhra.

Comment: JMART may be firing on all cylinders this year. 

LPN sets 30% presales growth this year, on 10 new projects worth Bt12-13b, sets Bt4b capex for raw land.

Comment: I think you’ll see that real estate developers perform better than expected this year as the situation just improves from $hit to so-so

PHOL sees big jump 1Q from strong demand of N95 masks for PM2.5 & coronavirus protection, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.SISB co-founder, Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit, sold 2.483m shares at Bt9.7074 average during Jan 22-24, SEC filing

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