BANPU sets 3 years capex plan at US$2b (Bt 70b) to expand renewable port, invest in energy tech, future mining (Nickel & Lithium) carbon capture, R&D 100% ammonia burn hydrogen-based powerplant.

Comment: BANPU should continue to enjoy the amazing cash flow’s they’re getting from coal, it’s going to be stupidly higher for a number of years…

CHASE allots Bt1b budget to add more bad debt, expects financial institution purge NPL ahead of year end as Covid relief prog comes to the close, eyes 6-8% FY revenue growth target from Bt676m last year.

Comment: Let’s see if they actually do business.

NER upbeats 2H earnings from higher rubber selling price, low cost rubber stock on hand, lower electricity expenses from government stimulus, expects profit back above Bt500m in 4Q.

Comment: I don’t understand why the shares are trading cheaply, commodity discount?

OR sees limited impact from Bt2/liter cut in marketing margin, as retail fuel sale a/c for only 30% of profit, and an expected 60% growth in jet fuel sales should help more than offset, keeps 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: OR Is going to be a dog until oil prices crash.

RJH sees stronger 3Q growth yoy, on 100% bed occupancy rate in all of its hospital, ward expansion and Bt200-250m p.a contribution from Rajathanee Rojana hospital, mulls JV with new partner next year.

Comment: Still a great operator, the only question is what price you’re willing to pay for the shares.

THCOM collab with Globalstar to launch low earth orbit (LEO) satellite tracking service, Spot Gen 4, will be piloted in Phuket, target tourism and maritime.

Comment: I do like where THCOM is going, but wouldn’t touch the shares for another 12-18 months  when the capex cycle is nearly done.

TTB launches new auto loan feature on mobile app, Roddonjai, offering all in one auto financial services comprise of new car hire purchase, car for cash, used car financing, auto insurance to enhance ecosystem of auto financing products, cross selling within existing clients.

TRUE’s digital payment unit, True Money, collab Ant Group allowing Thai travelers to purchase good & services via Alipay+ in China.

Comment: When XI is kicked off his perch then perhaps I’ll return to China.

WICE trades XB for subscription right of subsidiary IPO, Euroasia Total Logistics (ETL), at 24.8644:1.

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