BAY teams up online payment processing platform (Stripe) to expand ecommerce payment solutions & online transactions.

Comment: Now that’s an interesting development.

CWT acquires 8mw bio-mass power plants in Sa Kaeo province from IEC for Bt238m.

DMT reaffirms solid 4Q22 after average daily tollway traffic topped 103k trips/day thanks to recovery traffic at Don Muang airport, expects positive momentum continued as int’l travelers return.

Comment: Every number is going to look great until the end of this year when it should level off again.

EA in talks with Malaysian PM, pushing Bt38.6b integrated EV plant investment, boosting profit up Bt5b p.a.

Comment: I hope all EV’s get destroyed when they push up the key commodity prices required for manufacturing.

KAMART firms on >30% revenue growth in FY22, with record profit expected in 4Q on seasonal, promo, and economic recovery, sees growth momentum into FY23 on new products, new branches and higher exports from current 10%.

Comment: And there is a tonne of land that they’re utilising…..

MBK targets 50% revenue growth this year from higher rental revenue after Covid discount to tenants expired, adding campaign & revamp space to draw traffic, expects daily traffic tops 80k by end of year.

Comment: Another tourism recovery play.

PSL signed long term charter handy size vessel contract (10-14mts) with Denmark carrier, ampskibsselskabet Norden, average freight rate US$ 11k/day.

Comment: Not bad for a small ship, cost is 3-4k / day.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ EA news and your comment: Methinks you don’t like EVs :). but yes, maybe they are to be an intermediary development step between gas/diesel engines to fully hydrogen-powered cars anyway. (if that should be the case – sorry for tesla).

    • Ok I should be more specific/clear, I LOVE the acceleration of EV’s. I LOVE the improvement in new technology. I HATE with a vengeance the way that this is sold to save the world, because it doesn’t and will drive the cost of commodities across the board higher. Unless, of course, they can figure out a new way to conduct electricity. And the net result of higher commodity prices = a higher cost of living and doing business for all of us.

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