BBL preps for Japan turf war – The acquisition by the Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) of a stake in Bank of Ayudhya (BAY) is persuading Bangkok Bank (BBL) to prepare for stronger competition in the Japanese corporate banking business segment. (Bangkok Post, 23/07/13)

Comment: Watching the changes in the banking landscape here in Thailand is interesting, I doubt that there will be any immediate impact @ BAY however over time with more foreign banks likely to enter into Thailand I do wonder how the local banks will be able to compete

BCH World Medical center to break even in a year — BCH said that its World Medical Center is expected to break even within a year and BCH is looking to expand further by investing Bt700mn to open a new hospital in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi, consisting of 100 beds. (Khao Hoon, 23/07/13)

Comment: The “World Medical Center” has been hurting BCH’s stock price for the past few years.

CHO saw growth in 2Q13 — Management said second quarter showed growth upon the addition of two customers that raised orders by Bt400mn. It expects to clean up its accumulated loss by 3Q13 and pay out dividends by the end of the year. (Khao Hoon, 23/07/13)

CPF C.P. Laos drafts strategic plan — C.P. Laos, a subsidiary of CPF drafted a five-year strategic plan to expand its market in Laos. It expects sales to grow by 25% per year for its feed, farm and food businesses. (Khao Hoon, 23/07/13)

ITD wins Mozambique contract — ITD has won the bid for the construction of a 500km railway track and a large port worth Bt2-300bn from the Mozambique government, pushing its backlog to Bt500bn from its current Bt200bn. (Khao Hoon, 23/07/13)

MATCH Earnings doubled in 2Q13 — MATCH says earnings for 2Q13 doubled YoY and targets revenue of Bt700mn for the year. The company aims to bid in the TV digital auction and is currently waiting for the board’s approval. It is interested in standard variety channels and it expects to complete its land purchase deal for its new studio on July 26th. (Khao Hoon, 23/07/13)

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