BCP paid Bt1.6b for 20 years right on 99kms oil transporting pipeline between BKK-Bangpa-in from BAFS’s unit.

CSS reaffirms big jump this year from contribution of 25% holding in 99.216mw Phu Khanh Solar Power Joint stock co., (PKS) in VN, 38% holding in Namsor hydro power plants in Laos, aims to increase renewable portfolio to balance revenue mix from EPC telcos pj & equipment trading, eyes 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: Thought at one point that this was the player to benefit from the 5G tower expansion potential throughout the country.

IMH launches Flowflex ATK test kit, expects sales jump from demand for corporate/public, office/factory workers, walk-in test and its ability to detect 6 variants.

Comment: Hmmm….magically these rubbish ATK test kit’s can now detect a variant that just popped up. Has anyone ever asked a testing center/hospital to clarify which variant you have when positive? You’ll be amused with the answer.

INSET upbeats FY22 earnings from data center projects & infra maintenance services, will sign a Bt150m contract within 1H, Bt1.5b out of Bt2.6b backlog to realize this year.

Comment: Another of the Thai “tech” plays, though it has been lagging its peers in terms of share price performance.

RT’s potential to win 2 sub-contracts for dual-tracked rail Denchai-Chiangrai-Chiangkong from 2 businesses alliances, boosting backlog from Bt6b current, sets Bt4b revenue target for this year.

SABUY mulls 10 M&A and JV deals this year, with 1st deal in January, with plan to start counter services vis ATMs in front of 7-11 in Feb, revised revenue growth target this year from 50% to 75%.Comment: The energy around this name is massive.

TPCH’s firm on 30-35% revenue growth target in 2022, boosted by revenue from 9.5MW Siam Power, and COD of Mae Lan and Bannangsta bio-mass PP at 5.7MW in 3Q22, mulls few M&As to boost overall to 250MW by next year.

Comment: Such a disappointment…late on all targets, margins depressed due to Ft changes and higher raw mat costs.

  1. Happy New Year, Pon.
    ‘thank you for sharing your thoughtsand knowledge with us, in 2021 (why do my fiingers want to keep keying ‘2020’?) Have you commented recently on the growth area of 5G towers? I rekon AIS might spin off their towers into an I.F.,in order to finance expansion in this area.

    • Yes its an obvious move for AIS to spin off the towers.

      CSS used to be a idea to play for 5G towers construction but there’s no clear obvious winner other than the telco’s themselves.

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