BCPG and BTS are partnering with four parties to establish an industrial estate, Smart Park, in Map Ta Phut. BCPG will develop the utilities and green energy in the industrial estate, while BTS will develop the internal logistics system. (Khao Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: More and more competition in the area, whilst AMATA and WHA do have dominant market share, in the end its land access and their market share will be continually eroded by the news of this new partnership, CP, and others entering into the market

BTS has budgeted Bt10bn to buy 46 trains for the Green Line. It believes passengers will continue to grow in FY2019 on top of the projected 3-6% growth in 2018FY, brought by full-year opening of the extension stations. (Khao Hoon, 08/02/18)

CHO says it has already transferred the first 100 E-ticket buses to BMTA. The checking process will take one month and then it will start to transfer the second lot of 700 buses. It says the fine is only Bt500,000 and it believes it is able to transfer 2,600 buses on schedule in June 2018. It also insists that BMTA cannot terminate the contract. (Khao Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: Depends who is running the BMTA at the moment!

GLOBAL projects 2018 revenue to grow by at least 10% in tandem with the growth in the industry due to economic expansion. It has budgeted Bt2bn for investment and to open 7-9 stores. It expects to open two stores in 1Q18 and plans to expand to overseas; it is interested in Vietnam. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: I have never, never, never liked this company’s cash cycle, compound that with the insider trading that the owners did pre SCC’s announced acquisition. But institutional investors have…. so…meh….

GPI targets 2018 revenue to grow by 10-20% after raising rents by 7%. It is expanding overseas and is going to set up a subsidiary in Myanmar within 1Q18, which will operate Motor Show and other businesses. It also plans to acquire a new company in Malaysia, which it expects to finalize in 2019. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/18)

MTLS says 1Q18 results will be outstanding thanks to steady loan growth. It targets 2018 loan growth of 40% from last year and plans to open 600 new branches nationwide. It is going to issue a bond worth Bt40bn to strengthen the business. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: This company continues to beat everyone’s expectations.

SC is going to launch 19 projects worth Bt19bn. This will raise its backlog from the current Bt10bn, which will be booked as revenue through 2019. It has budgeted approximately Bt10bn to buy land and plans to raise revenue to Bt22bn in 2019 with projected 2018 revenue of Bt17bn. It plans to issue a bond worth Bt4bn to refinance its existing debts. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: It’s impressive what they’ve been able to accomplish in the past few years.

SENA targets 2018 revenue of Bt5.2bn with the launch of 18 projects worth Bt23bn. It plans to develop a charging station in its projects and will install solar rooftops in its 18 residences in 2018, which will drive solar revenue to grow by 10%. (Khao Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: This charging station hoo-hah is rubbish to me for the time being. Maybe in 2 decades from now would I consider it feasible, until then its a great marketing gimmick for a select few customers

SIRI announced it is abandoning the deal to acquire PACE’s Nimit Langsuan and rooms of Mahanakorn project after PACE turned down a request for an extension of the due diligence period. It will receive the deposit of Bt322.82mn back. This supported SIRI’s price to go up, while PACE’s went down by 3% yesterday. (Khao Hoon, 08/02/18)
Comment: I read this as PACE was unable to prove their sales figures and I’ve heard rumours that the Mahanakorn project did not follow the approved EIA plans…what a $hit show.

  1. Looking at the new procurement laws it seems it will hit the IT and construction sectors much harder than most. All the pen pushers are afraid to sign off on contracts out of fear even if they aren’t party to any corruption.

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