BEM sees YTD average toll way traffic near pre-covid level 1m trips/day, expects MRT ridership gradually recovery from current 200k/day as virus eased, adding more visa contactless payment devices at tollway & MRT to boost traffic.

Comment: Google Mobility shows that Thai’s visits to retail and recreation are higher today than pre-covid. But no one is going to their offices, makes one wonder what’s the value of these employees in the coming 6 months after management teams have seen who actually adds value and who is disposable.

CWT upbeats outlook from recovery demand for auto upholstery on the back of EV stimulus, will book Bt117m revenue from disposal of 60% holding in 5mw Blue Solar 3 in Samut Sakhon, aims to expand waste sorting facilities, increase community waste power plants portfolio from current 9.9mw, eyes Bt1.8b FY22 revenue target.

IVL wrapped up Bt257m deal to take 85% stake in Czech Republic’s PET plant with 1,120m/year capacity.

NBTC to announced bidding results for 74 FM frequencies auction today, MCOT & GRAMMY are expected to secure majority of slots, licenses will last for 7 years, starts from Apr 4, 22, Tabloid.

Comment: Radio stations still exist? Wrong q, radio stations still have value?

PLE reaffirms FY22 turnaround from accelerate transfer of construction project after hit by Covid curbs 2H21, Bt9b out of Bt20b to realize this year.

SABUY sets Bt137.5m investment in 2 new business, hemp business via MLM and smartlocker, hoping to create synergy with drop-off business and expand SabuyVerse Ecosystem.

Comment: There’s a lot of energy around this name, and they appear to popular with the brokers/investors, I have a billion q’s over their ability to put together all these moving parts together. But as long as the story continues and they are able to acquire minority stakes in business that fit the big picture then investors will continue to love this name.

Boards of TRUE and DTAC approves amalgamation plan. Holders of TRUE will receive 0.60018 stock in new co, DTAC’s will get 6.13444 shares of NewCo.

Comment: Boom! It’s done.

    • Are you sure re JMART and PTG?
      Am I unconvinced re Sabuy? Had their shares for a while, still have a billion q’s – problem with this?
      EA – Just have a look at Amita Tech’s #’s. Though I have said its a great crony play.

      Your choice. This is a market, do whatever you want. I’m just 1 participant.

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