BGRIM reassures sustainable earnings as 70% of total power generation capacity sells to authority, EGAT, only 130 corporate clients from total 1,500 companies in industrial estates

Comment: These types of businesses should continue to be ok this year.

EA sees no issue on Bt3b CD maturity this year, 1Q growth remained intact from higher contribution of solar & windfarm.

KSL sees yoy revenue growth this year from rising sugar price from drought and rising recognition from BBGI.

Comment: Perhaps the worst run sugar co on the market

ORI shows 1Q20 presales at Bt4.5b, accounting for 21% of Bt21.5b this year target.

Comment: This group has massive financing issues across the board

NCL profit warning, sees severe impact from all mode of transports, sea, air, land, expects other logistic/warehouse providers severely hit as well.

THAI to ground all its planes from April 1.

Comment: Will the boys in green do a management coup on THAI? They can’t lose their free flights…

TNP sees sales surge at supermarket branches upcountry as demand for essential goods and cleaning products surge on spread of virus, firms on 10 revenue growth target.

TPCH’s confident this year revenue and profit to double, on revenue recognition from 59MW, targeting 250MW by end of year.

Comment: See BGRIM, and yes TPCH, after 1.5 years of delays will finally have all their signed PPAs up and running. Probably ~3-4x PE by year end.

Two local mutual funds, KTAM & TMB Eastspring adjust Fixed-income funds policies to be able to access BOT emergency loans for liquidity management.

Comment: We had been hearing about issues in the FI market in Thailand since mid-last week, TMBAM had temporarily suspended redemption’s from one of their funds why you saw the BOT/SEC/SET come together at a press conference on Sunday

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