BM anticipates solid turnaround 2H supported by recovery parts order from Kubota as workers migrated back from metro to province of domicile due to Covid, in talk Nestle to supply food trucks to create jobs for disables, Bt250m out of Bt500m backlog to realize in 4Q, expects to get more electrical conduit & telcos box on jump start infra projects.

KGI reported Bt473m, 3Q, +104% yoy,

Comment: Like every broker, their prop books naturally look better in 3Q and remember retail trading was YUGEEEEEEEEEEE

OSP reaffirms big jump 3Q from strong C-Vitt functional drink sales & energy sales in Myanmar, sees momentum carry thru 4Q on high season, higher sales volume after increase production volume on domestic beverage by 10-15% to fill demand and wider margins from costs saving program.

Comment: Wouldn’t be surprised to see this name in the 40s in 12-18 months. More volume sold, expansion regionally, straight to their bottom line.

PTT: Dhipaya Insurance appointed PTT’s retail unit, PTTOR, to be insurance selling agent, will start from 200 stations before end of year.

Comment: Now they’re selling insurance too?!

PTTEP’s firm on 5% sales growth next year, from 350K bbl/day this year, assuming higher oil and gas price, to start booking revenue from Murphy Sabah and Algeria HBR from early next year.

Comment: At the end of the day, it’ll depend upon oil and gas prices for this co. I do wonder if we’ll be hearing about M&A activity.

SCCC reported Bt898m, -4% yoy, topped Bt841m consensus.

Comment: Not too $hit given the economic outlook, though I’ll worry about their margins if coal prices move up.

SIRI raised transfer target this year from Bt42b to Bt43b, +37% yoy, after 10M20 transfers jumped 100% yoy, raised revenue to Bt34b from Bt32b projected earlier, with Bt41.4b backlog.

THANI sees no impact from interest rates curb policy from BOT, keeps focus on commercial vehicles HP on growing demand for logistic & e-commerce business.

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