CPALL opens the 1st store of 7-11 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Comment: Years in the marking and finally executed.

EPG sets Bt300m capex for M&A, revamp food packaging unit & auto parts production, maintained 12-15% full year revenue growth target.

GLOBAL estimated subsidiary in China, Guangxi Global House International Trade, to source products from China, expand house brand products portfolio to boost margins, firms on plan to open 2 branches in 4Q, lifts total to 76 by end of year.

Comment: I do wonder at what point does Thailand import all of it’s goods to sell to the domestic market, and the natural impact upon the currency/jobs.

HFT reports no property damage and disruption on tires production from flood in Bangpoo IE, now the situation has eased.

Comment: Still think that the massive increase in GP (2x that of revenue growth) is due to the inventory of rubber on hand, as they refill their raw mat inven, GP’s will drop.

NRF eyes 4 M&A deal in e-commerce worth Bt300-400m, boosting 2H sales, firms on 50% growth this year.

Comment: They are going to have to deliver on their promises to maintain the share price valuation.

RBF signs contract to supply CBD to ICHI for its new beverage products, will open for OEM and exports.

Comment: Now do you see the market? DOD => RBF => everyone else.

TTW anticipates 3Q turnaround from contribution of 24.98% holding in CKP, supported by higher power generated efficiency from hydro power plants due to higher flow rate during rainy season.

Comment: Basically value this as a water co with a option from the hydro.

WINMED sees solid growth in 2H on seasonal, boosting this year revenue growth to >20%, while keeping GM at 45-50%.

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