EKH mulls opening Cannabis medical clinic, in operation next year.

Comment: This nation will never have another fight, everyone will be too relaxed and stoned.

GUNKUL’s got credit upgraded by Fitch from BBB to BBB+, while subordinated debt rating to BBB from BBB-, reflecting higher cashflows from PP business.

MBK’s 6.068m new shares from conversion of MBK-W1 1:1 at Bt3/share, tradeable on March 22.

Comment: The landlords are coming back to get more assets. (if you understand the history of this group, you’ll understand what I mean)

MINT reaffirms plan to sell 4-5 hotels in Europe for Bt10-15b in 2Q-3Q21, as part of business strategy to add cashflows to the current Bt25b, seen recovery in both hotel and food business.

Comment: I’m turning more and more into the viewpoint that the team running the businesses at MINT have deteriorated in quality.

New free-float rules, to be implemented later this year, will negatively effect DELTA, AOT, and GULF, and positive to BBL, SCB, SCC, INTUCH, PTT, TISCO, MINT, Tabloid.

Comment: Moves are already being made the local insti’s

SCB signs JV Spore insurance broker partner, Godwit Rock pte, under the name Trex Venture to expand lending business, life & non-life insurance business via digital channel.

SEAOIL: Dept of Mineral Fuels (DMF) grants commercial oil production for onshore well (L53-AA2) on March 16, SEC filing.

SIRI revised up 1Q sales target to Bt9b from Bt7b after logged Bt7b 2M21, target to launch 5 SDH in 2Q, firms on Bt26b full year sales target.

Comment: Even this dog could show decent #’s in 2H21

SMT upbeats 1Q earnings from higher THB revenue from weak currency, strong margins from optical components for network infra products & LiDar sensor (Light detection & ranging) for autonomous vehicles, target 30% revenue growth this year.

SYNEX teams up Huawei to expand network equipment sales, aiming to fill demand to EEC digital hub, IT infra solutions for corporate & government agencies, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: Watch SYNEX NCAP COM7 CHAYO. All linked.

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