1. Bankers seek easing of soft loan regulations: The Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA) has asked for an easing of the government’s amendment of the soft loan decree, which was aimed at facilitating better access to funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Bangkok Post
  2. FTI is worried efforts to restore the reeling Thai and global economies may face a setback as some EU countries have renewed lockdown measures amid fears of coronavirus mutations.
  3. SEC to revise terms of liquidity risk conduct: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is preparing to revise the liquidity risk management criteria by adding at least five redemption conditions to prevent panic selling and liquidity shock as additional protection for mutual funds. Bangkok Post
  4. ERC sets new deadline for bid winners: The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has set next Monday as the deadline for 14 winners in the auction of the 2017 Small Power Producer Hybrid Firm, a renewable power scheme, following failure to sign power purchase agreements (PPAs) with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat). Bangkok Post
  5. Hopewell saga bombshell: Constitutional Court reverses 2002 ruling. The government is expected to refuse to compensate Hopewell (Thailand) over the cancellation of a large-scale transport project about two decades ago. Bangkok Post
  6. TDRI presses government to guillotine red tape: Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) urges the government to step up efforts to guillotine outdated laws, which hinder business activities and cause 1.3 trillion baht in unnecessary expenses, as part of the state economic recovery for the postpandemic period. Bangkok Post
  7. The 3rd reading of charter rewrite bills was defeated in Parliament yesterday after a lengthy 11-hour debate. Charter rewrite is one of the crucial demand made by pro-democracy groups, who call for a rally on Saturday March 20 in BKK.
  8. The trough for media ad spending may have passed in February as the auto, telco and dietary supplement segments, as well as summer activities, are giving a boost to outlays, Media Intelligence (MI), a media planning and creative agency.
  9. Domestic tourism stimulus, we travel together phase 3, to be on cabinet agenda on March 23 (Tuesday).
  10. EEC holds promise as aviation hub: Seminar calls for investment lures. Thailand has an opportunity to become an aviation and logistics hub, thanks to its prime location in central Southeast Asia and infrastructure development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), but the country needs to adjust to the pandemic crisis. Bangkok Post
  1. peter satrapa-binder


    @2: As long as the focus is mainly or in some areas only on reviving the tourism industry, i think it just won’t work. international visitors won’t comet back very quickly 1. ) because of lockdowns and travel restrictions in their own countries and 2.) just too many people in europe etc. having lost income and their first focus after normalcy will have been restored may not be on travel to asia…

    maybe it’s better to also promote export, etc. more than to focus on tourism. promote re-education and additional

    provide and promote re-education and additional education courses for people who have lost their jobs.

    periodic handouts for thailand’s citizens only won’t solve the problem on a long-term basis.

    @6: making it for foreigners/foreign companies easier to invest in thailand would be another important thing to do…

    @9: fine, but reviving domestic tourism is really only reshuffling money within thailand…

    @10: economic opportunities have ever been there for thailand. but without thorough planning and timely imp-lementation, thailand is bound to lose out vs. for example vietnam. for example, for how long has the EEC saga been going on now, with not too many tangible results achieved until now?

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