JMART announced cash call, total 362.643m shares, of which 90.66m shares via placement (10% of paid-up) & 271.982m via RO (30% of paid-up).

Comment: The owner is probably going in an all out expansion mode, wouldn’t be surprised to see him tout a THB 100 bn market cap target

PSL sees 2H turnaround from higher dry bulk traffic HoH on high season, balance demand/supply in the market.

Comment: I do wonder if the peak season for the dry bulk market is going to be extended into 4Q, typically it peaks in August/September

S sees 35-40% revenue drop this year from Bt13b last year on pandemic, as revenue from residential fell to Bt1.5b from Bt6b target and hotel revenue fell to Bt1.1b in 2Q from Bt3b target.

SIRI to transfer 2 condo projects worth Bt11.6b this month.

TCAP: KSAM raised holding by 0.0509% to 5.0248% of total outstanding on September 9.

THANI expects solid 2H from positive momentum on commercial vehicle HP as demand for logistic grows from e-commerce, target FY20 new loan topped Bt10b end of year.

Comment: Post their recap they’ll perform again.

XO sees strong earnings in 2H20 with momentum into next 2-year, mulls >50% payout, target 10-20% revenue growth over next 3-5 years.

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