ASIAN sees Bt8.4b revenue this year, on growth in pet foods sales, 2H earnings is expected to be solid.

AUCT sees big jump in number of participants on online auto auction at 15-20k/month from 7k average pre-covid, expects all time high profit this year.

Comment: The most important thing for AUCT its the # of transactions.

BAM is selling Bt800m worth of NPA by end of year, confident of recognizing Bt2-2.5b worth of tax credit this year, sees lower provision next year.

CPF sees no concerns over rising price of US soybean meal as have stock until early next year, while price of swine in China and Vietnam has recovered.

Comment: But they are now facing a decline in VN Pork prices, which will follow in Thailand as well over the next 6 months (tho margins are still going to look great versus the past few years), and that financing for Tesco which still isn’t completed.

IP mgt sold big-lot 10.3m shares to TU’s CEO, Thiraphong Chansiri, expects synergy from TU global presence, source of raw materials and expertise in fishery & feedmill business to its wellness, aesthetic, anti-aging & livestock animal care products.

Comment: Not quite sure how this really works…. 

SAPPE sees solid 2H from recovery sales on reopening, double digit growth in functional drinks segment from increasing health awareness, exports sales of Blue vitamin drink to Cambodia, Laos & Korea, wider margins from improving utilization rate, economy of scale, revamped product size, lower SG&A and lower excise tax HoH from 10% to 3% effective since July 9.

SEAFCO signs 2 foundation work projects for Orange line MRT (E5) station and Forestias Bangna mixed-used projects total Bt422m, lifts backlog above Bt2.5b, Bt1.5b to realize this year.

  1. Wow that massive wind fall from the swine flu in china and Vietnam never really materialized for CP given how quick these 2 countries managed to replenish their swine stocks.

    • they’re still making decent pork gpm’s for now ~35%, but yes peak has passed. share price didn’t run like tfg’s, 2 overhangs i imagine 1) tesco 2) cpall’s poor performance

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