So the results for the 7 HD digital TV variety-based channels have been released, the way it works is each company bid for a channel, and the top 7 bidders win whilst the bottom 2 are out, so BEC and MCOT are still in the game, WORK misses out (as of writing their stock is down -4%)

1) BEC World (Channel 3) bid at 3.53 billion baht, higher than the starting price by 2.02 billion baht.

2) Bangkok Media and Broadcasting bid at 3.46 billion baht.

3) BBTV (Channel 7) bid at 3.37 billion baht.

4) Triple V Broadcast (Thai Rath) bid at 3.36 billion baht.

5) Mcot bid at 3.34 billion baht.

6) Amarin Television bid at 3.32 billion baht.

7) GMM bid at 3.32 billion baht.

8) Workpoint bid at 3.31 billion baht.

9) PM Group bid at 3 billion baht.

Source: Bangkok Post

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