Lots of transactions happened last month!

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) – THB 4.4 bn

  • BGH – Massive purchases by the key players of BGH, THB 400 mn worth
  • BLAND – K. Anant back in the fold
  • BTS – K. Keree buy’s back a massive amount, THB 2.3bn, of shares in BTS
  • EPCO – Chairman purchases some THB 25 mn
  • GFM – As we’ve written during the month, this is most likely a switch of ownership between families
  • IVL – Heinecke has been buying shares in IVL since it was in its 40s
  • MAJOR – K. Vicha buying shares for the first time in years
  • NMG – Management must believe in their digital tv move
  • PLE – Owner betting on the thb 2.2 trn infrastructure spending
  • POST – Interesting off the books trade
  • PPP – The Chairman buys @ THB 45.8mn
  • RS – A director purchases THB 20 mn
  • SAM – The MD buys a huge amount THb 131 mn worth of shares, quite odd given the co is in the steel industry
  • SIRI – Ouch painful buy by this director, we haven’t liked siri for a long time
  • TRC – They just announced the recent contract awarded by PTT
  • VTE – No comment
  • WAT – This appears to be a property company, no idea what the story here is

Sell(s) – THB 1.2 bn

  • CHG – This hospital group ipo’ed a few months ago and interestingly its stock price has remained stable despite all the market turmoil
  • DCC – DCC’s growth is linked to upcountry growth so to see a director sell THb 70 mn worth of shares isn’t a positive
  • GFM – see above
  • IFEC – Well K. Narong’s stock price has run up way ahead of its fundamentals, no surprise here.
  • KTECH – Must be an off the books transaction, as this defunct company is still in the non-performing group
  • PTG – A stupidly expensive retail oil pump
  • SIM – The president sells shares
  • TRC – Quite odd given the above
  • VTE – See above

130708 June_mgmt_trade

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