Notable Transactions

Buying is going through the roof!

Buy(s) THB 1.7 bn

  • AMATA – Boom! Vikrom has coming out of his decade of meditation and decided to buy shares
  • TFG – Not sure what’s going on here, buys and sells – SEC reporting issues?
  • MINT – And he’s bought some THB 1.4 bn worth of shares
  • WHAUP – See TFG
  • RJH – Perhaps the safest hospital play as it isn’t reliant on tourism
  • SUPER – Should we believe them now?
  • SENA – The father is buying
  • SPC – Even a sahapat family member is active! Well gen pop has bought tonnes of Mama noodles….btw compare Indomie (indonesian noodle brands which are locally cheaper) vs Mama, how come Indo is better quality?

Sell(s) THB 582 mn

  • BDMS – Constant selling here. Are their big revenues from medical tourism not returning anytime soon?
  • WHAUP – See above
  • TFG – See above
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    sure, if one has money to spare now, buy cheap and unless civilization will be going to hell altogether because of the coronavirus, big profits may be made in the mid to long term. but i do think that it will be possible to buy most stocks a little bit or even considerably cheaper still soon…

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