Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 1.2 bn

  • BTS – The Chairman bought back a huge amount of shares post the BTS x JMART Group link up
  • VGI – He bought YUGE amount of shares post the BTS x JMART Group Link up
  • TU – The Chairman thinks his shares are cheap (?) I doubt management’s ability to achieve anything other than being a commodity player. But have you noticed the food shortages in several parts of the world?
  • JMART – The Founder wanted to join in on the party and buy back some of his shares.

Sell(s) THB 4.1 bn

  • SF – All the founders/major shareholders selling out to CPN
  • NCL – Major shareholder dumped 8% of shares via big lot to a group to improve “liquidity” for the shares.
  • BANPU – Founder (small %) dumped shares, perhaps to pay for the subscription.

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