A5’s 80 units 29 storey hi-end project, Tonson One Residence, under jv Capstone Asset begins transfer in 2Q, expects positive earnings momentum in 2H from Bt4.5b backlog, maintain launch plan total 4 projects worth Bt8b in 2H.

Comment: Well…they launched/planned all these projects and deals right before covid…at a time of cheap capital, let’s see how it all unfolds for A5 and friends.

ADVANC & TRUE are expected to report recovery ARPU on lower discount airtime package offer to subscribers, receding of internet buffet campaign, Tabloid.

Comment: Duopolies are great for companies. Oh sorry sorry DTAC and NT are still market participants (hahahaha!)

BLC: health & beauty products manufacturer, Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic, debut IPO 150m shares at Bt10.5.

DELTA risks being removed from SET50 for 1H24 as stock already faced trading curbs (Cash Balance) 3 times (Apr, Jun & Jul), one more trading curb or avg monthly turnover <2% of market turnover during Aug-Nov would exclude company, from SET50.

Comment: This could be a beautiful option play…

GGC expects 20% sales growth this year, on palm-oil based product, yet revenue may remain unchanged due to drop in price.

MAKRO: name changed to CP Axtra, ticker to CPAXT, effective today.

Comment: so they’re a pharmaceutical company now? Someone go undercover and replace their fortunetellers with someone that understands business names

MC sees rising sales in 4Q (ending June 23) on tourism, boosting full year (ending June 23) revenue +30% from Bt3.7b revenue, sets 10-14% revenue growth target next year.

Comment: Shows that the real consumer in Thailand is doing ok, or at least has confidence to spend. Or are also seeing Bangkokian’s trade down?

MINT rolls out The Pizza Club royalty program to increase repeat customers, rebranding The Pizza Co, revamps menu & family package to boost sales.

Comment: Pizza Co is losing market share left right and center.

HUMAN in collaboration with TBN to develop low-code platform for HR & enterprise resource planning apps to shorten development process, use drag and drop interface to reduce dependencies on traditional programing language.

Comment: HUMAN continues to be solid.

PEACE launches Cherea Vicinity, a Bt1.5b house and townhome project in Jul.

TEAMG sees solid 2Q, supported by Bt4-5b backlog from >400 projects, firms on yoy revenue growth from Bt1.65b last year.

WORLD launches Bt1.26b the City Phuket condo, targeting high-end buyers, presales starts by end of year.

Comment: At this price point, it isn’t high end, a flop.

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