AOT mulls hiking passenger service charge (PSC) from current Bt100 and Bt700, for domestic and international, Tabloid.

Comment: Monopolies are great. And they have every right to do so given the higher cost of everything today.

BAFS mulls revising up full year jet fuel sales volume from current 4.2b litres after logged 1.069b litres in 1Q and strong momentum in 2Q thanks to higher flights slots yoy on improved tourism, upbeat 2H outlook from cod of SAT-1 terminal at SIA on Sept, holiday season in 4Q, seeks to expand renewable portfolio to diversify earnings, target revenue mix 50% aviation, 40% utility & power and 10% from pipeline by end of FY26.

Comment: That pipeline is incredibly valuable for Thailand. We can laugh at the government/politics all we want but the civil servants actually running and implementing policies do a decent job.

BDMS establishes a unit in Saudi Arabia to gain exposure to middle east patients, adding more life/health insurance partners on board, aims to increase insurance patients revenue to 40% of total revenue to balance revenue mix, eyes 6-8% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: Thailand’s healthcare system is fantastic. And why is Saudi Arabia a good target customer group? Go to Riyadh, it’s full of American fast food restaurants, you have a guaranteed flow of customers with health issues in the future.

DELTA told the SET that share price fluctuations were caused by external factors and its financial fundamentals remain robust.

Comment: I don’t think that the owners/management of DELTA are behind the share price fluctuations – fully up to the market, but if I was the board I would do a massive equity issuance today just to raise cash at these stupid prices, and figure out what to do w/ the proceeds later. The silly mutual funds and ETFs have no choice but to subscribe.

HMPRO sees 2Q SSSG within 7-9% range, will launch home improvement services to boost sales, firms on plan to add 10 branches for remaining of year.

KBANK and ASP, representatives for STARK’s bondholders, called for the immediate payment of bonds worth >Bt6.9b after they decided to cancel tomorrow’s bondholders’ meeting.

Comment: I can imagine the conversations are like this

“Pay us now!!!”

“We don’t have cash”

“Pay us now or else!!!!”

“Or else what?”

“We’ll force you go into bankruptcy!!!”

“Well, ok, we basically are, so you’ll get 1% back, at best”

“Wait, what?!?!”


PTG’s subsidiary, MAXBIT, granted digital assets brokerage license, aims to utilize existing client base from Max Card subscribers, expects to debut platform by end of Oct, target Bt1.1b revenue contribution p.a.

Comment: Onboarding a customer for these “digital assets” is far easier than a stock brokerage account….hence why more new retail investors went into crypto vs stocks a few years ago…

PTT raised FY23 capex to Bt93.6b from Bt33.3b to support 2nd phase LNG depot, 7.5m tons p.a. production worth Bt38b, Bt11b gas separation plant #7, and Bt34b Horizon Plus’s EV and battery plant.

TBN’s 2 board members resigned after 3 days of IPO debut on Mon (Jun 19).

Comment: What mickey mouse bull$hit is this? Instant POS list.

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