AAV plans to resume operation of 8 aircrafts that were idled during pandemic after advance booking have demonstrated strong momentum.

Comment: A great sign for tourism and hopefully lower ticket prices !

AH upbeats 1Q earnings from delivery of Ford Ranger model change, higher OEM parts sales yoy from improved market.

BA’s temporary suspended 2 routes, BKK-Hat Yai from April 1 and BKK-Da Nang from May 1 till further notice.

Comment: And the exact opposite of the above, never a good sign for tourism when planes cancel routes…

Reminder: DELTA’s board-lot changed to 50 shares from 100, effective tomorrow.

Comment: RETAIL LOVES THESE! Or will the improved “liquidity” allow for the shares to reflect its fair value and it’ll finally drop? Or will this just allow those that can only buy 50k thb at a time to join in the speculating.

DV8: PAR merges to Bt 2/share from 1, effective Wednesday (Feb 8).

Comment: RETAIL LOVES THESE! But there’s been barely any movement in the name, and I wonder if retail cares much as this company hasn’t shown a profit in years…

IVL’s vulnerable to hedging loss as 1Q23 gas price continued to decline below hedging price, stock loss may weigh PET operation, Tabloid.

Comment: Maybe in 2 years this name will be worth revisiting again, it’s a spread game at the end of the day.

JR reaffirms solid 1Q from recognition of EV chargers installation projects, Bt10b backlog to realize till eo-FY25, sees more to come from large-scale changing stations for BMTA e-bus.

RJH sets Bt250m capex for 180 beds elderly care service in Ayudhaya, new Saraburi hospital to CODed in 2024, sets >Bt1,800m health-related revenue on rising OPD and SSO patients.

Comment: Still the best operator in Ayud

RT sees business turnaround this year, targeting Bt4b revenue, +100% yoy, supported by Bt11.4b backlog, eyes Bt7b worth of new projects bids.

SAWAD to be added to SET50 from Mar 3, after merger of TRUE and DTAC, while SIRI to be added to SET100.

Comment: Pump til Mar and then it’ll tail off..I still worry about SAWAD’s business going forward as it appears that they are just shoving more debt down their existing client base (similar to MTC)

TOA sets 17-18% revenue growth target, Bt700-800m capex, Bt6b cash on hand, with shopping tax break to boost 1Q.

Comment: The boost will come from a drop in oil prices to boost margins.

TNL’s board approved acquisition of distressed assets management co., Oxygen Asset management, mulls tapping into mortgage, land loan, consignment, distressed assets management business, diversify earnings from textile business, utilize existing capital.

Comment:  So this clothing manufacturer believes it has the capability to run an AMC, or at least oversee the management of an AMC…

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