ANAN inked deal with local crypto broker (Bitkub), allowing property buyers to make purchase with crypto via Bitkup wallet.

Comment: More positive for Bitkub than for ANAN

BPP to start recognizing Bt220-250m p.a. revenue from its 13.4% stake in the Nakoso IGCC PP from 2Q21, on track to expand investment in the US, China, Japan and VN, targeting 5,300MW capacity overall by 2025.

CPF’s adding fresh foods on shelf at Makro, Lotus, CP Freshmart as well as & to capitalize on lockdown.

Comment: Yes they are the only ones benefiting.

ILINK reaffirms Bt6b FY21 revenue target from network projects for field hospitals and corporate clients.

NER sees uptrend rubber price continue supported by demand from transports & improving economic activities from industrials users.

Comment: Ag prices (soft commodities) still rocking and rolling

SPRC expects to report 3 year high profit in 1Q from Bt2.7b stock gains and >US$ 3 average GRM, Tabloid.

STEC signs 5.4km floodway construction contract for Royal Irrigation Dept total Bt3.669b.

Comment: Anutin’s, oh sorry, he’s not involved at all, STEC continues to win more projects

TKN signs MOU TWZ to distribute and joint develop hemp productions, sees benefits from TWZ solely exclusive right to buy hemp from Kanyarak farm at discount price.

Comment: There seems to be a lot of funny moves happening with TWZ.

TWPC maintained double digits revenue growth target from higher noodle and vermicelli exports volume yoy, more value added products in portfolio.

Comment: No surprises here. Not sure if they actually benefit from the increase in ag prices.


    There seems to be a lot of funny moves happening with TWZ. I understand i think. This company looks like a total disaster. no one i reporting on it. One huge up day means something, right?
    could this stock become a buy?

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