AOT’s board of directors gave the green light to second airports in Chiang Mai and Phuket budgeted at Bt126bn after forecasts showed the current airports will be fully utilized. It will propose the plan to the cabinet and shareholders for approval. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: With it supposedly completed by 2022, lets add 2 decades to this plan..
BDMS will open all OPD services at BDMS Wellness Clinic this year. It sees a great opportunity to gain market share in wellness services in Thailand, with a market size of Bt600bn. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: I think there could be a positive surprise to its margins
BEC’s 1Q18 turned to red with a net loss of Bt126mn, down 150% after revenue from advertising dropped 21%, despite running a chart-topping soap in March. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: And boom, it comes back down to earth. 
BGRIM says two new SPP, BGPR1-BGPR2 with combined capacity of 240MW, will commence operations as planned despite the relocation of the plants. The ERC allows private operators to change plant location in the case of force majeure. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: Uncertainty will prevent the price from recovering…
CHO expects retained losses of Bt39mn will be wiped out by business recovery in 2018. It expects more revenue to be recognized this year, up from Bt1.5bn in 2017 given the current backlog of Bt6bn. About Bt2.7bn will be recognized in 2018. The company is seeking more business in the US. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
EA wind power project in southern Thailand, Hanumarn, with capacity of 260MW will commence operation as planned in 4Q18 after construction completes in 3Q18. This will boost revenue to Bt6bn in 2018. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
GUNKUL plans to rebrand with more renewable power businesses in Thailand and overseas. It will apply more new technology to improve efficiency and top-up the current business. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
JUBILE expects 2Q18 performance to remain strong with 10% YoY growth in sales revenue in 1H18. The company maintains its target sales growth of 10% in 2018 supported by new outlets and product collections in 2H18. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: A decent bellweather for gauging domestic consumer spending. 
LPN plans to open a mixed-use project worth Bt5bn, Lumpini Tower Vipawadi Chatuchak . The project consists of office space and a condominium. It has assigned Jones Lang Lasalle as the sole agent for obtaining tenants. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
MIDA is confident its 2018 performance will improve strongly with revenue growth of 20% with current backlog of Bt2bn. Five new projects worth Bt5bn will be opened and an REIT will be set up in 2019. Recently, the company set up a JV with a business partner for the hotel business in Rayong province. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
PCSGH guides to revenue growth of 10% this year, backed by new orders. The company believes its recent acquisition in Germany will open doors in Europe and expects full production in 2020. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: For the first time in a while its back above its IPO price from 2013. 
PLANB will invest Bt182.25mn for 35% ownership in BNK48. It will begin to recognize profit from this investment in 3Q18. The company expects BNK48 will have revenue of Bt250-300mn in 2018 with net profit of >Bt100mn. More investment in content businesses remain under negotiation. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: Can’t believe the “value” seen in this. Find it rather strange, is this a strategy to go into content in addition to its platforms or just a one off??
QH will open 15 new projects in 2018 with target presales of Bt15.5bn and gross profit margin at 33%. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
SCN is accelerating its overseas investment in power business, mainly in Southeast Asia.. The company recently invested Bt1.234bn to acquire a power plant in Myanmar with total capacity of 220MW. The first phase (50MW) will commence operation in 2019. The company expects the contribution from power to account for 40-50% of total net profit by 2022. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
TFG has grasped market opportunity in Europe after Brazilian broiler exports were banned. The company targets to export 60,000 tons of frozen broilers in 2018, up 62% YoY, worth Bt6bn. It already sold out 2Q18 volume while 70% of 3Q18 volume has been sold in advance. The company expects revenue from exports to reach Bt10bn in 2019. (Kao Hoon, 25/5/18)
THCOM still expects to make some profit in 2018 from foreign customers. The company plans to seek new business to replace lower revenue from satellite services with a budget of Bt100mn. It expects provisions of Bt500mn to be completely set aside in 1H18 and earnings could turn into the black in 2H18. (Krungthep Turakij, 25/5/18)
TPCH plans to start operations at four projects in 2019 with total capacity of 49MW. The company plans to expand the capacity of biomass power plants to 200MW and waste power plant to 50MW by 2020. (Thun Hoon, 25/5/18)
Comment: They’ve been saying this for a while, given the latest moves from the Energy Minister I’m not sure I see how they will achieve it. 
UV plans to issue a Bt1.0bn debenture in 3Q18 for debt refinancing and funding of future projects. The company plans to launch 20 projects in 2H18 and maintains its revenue target at Bt36bn this year. (Post Today, 25/5/18)

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