AOT’s Bt41b passenger terminal (north expansion) gets greenlight from Deputy PM yesterday, as well as Bt7.8b (east expansion), with constructions start Jan 23 and April 22 respectively.

Comment: The valuation of AOT still makes no sense. But c’est la vie.

CK secured Bt5b water transmission tunnel, to official sign Bt47b dual-tracked Denchai-Chiangrai contract, boosting FY21 up yoy, supported by Bt100b backlog.

EA sees growth this year could be as high as 30% from 20-30% set earlier, on revenue recognitions of new business, e-bus and battery plant, eyes M&A in 3Q with 12-15% min IRR.

EPG may report, on March 27, Bt443m NP 4Q ending March 21, +80%, boosting full year to Bt1,257m, +25% yoy, Tabloid.

GPSC’s battery plant to cod by eo-2Q, will wrap up M&A 25mw Taiwan solar in within 1H.

HFT reaffirms big jump this year from strong motorbike tires sales thanks to fast growing delivery services, wider margins from lower SG&A and run flat products.

Comment: Odd given their raw mat costs are going higher, but yes 1Q #’s were rather decent. And their margins look great as well, inventory gains?

KCE: local fund, KASSET, raised holding bt 0.4005% to 5.384% of total outstanding on Friday (May 21).

KEX anticipates 2Q turnaround from higher delivery traffic on the back of online shopping, larger network from 15k kiosk/1,200 distributions center, improved margins from ease price war.

Comment: Perhaps but at the end of the day you’ll have to value them as a mid/high end delivery co as J&T and Flash are just killing their market share with discounts.

KTC’s keen to bid for Citi’s consumer unit from absence of segment overlap and good assets quality, Tabloid.

Comment: These tabloids have no idea what they’re writing about, doesn’t matter though,”tabloid write, stock up”

ORI teams up Nomura real estates, its 10th JV, to launch Bt1.7b 24 storey, 341 units upscale projects, Soho Bangkok-Ratchada, lifts total JV projects to 10 worth Bt34b.

Comment: The japanese are back! Uh-oh…

PRAPAT sees positive sales momentum 2Q from healthy demand for sanitizing products, new clients on board including Provincial Admin Org, subdistrict admin, city municipality and state agencies, tailwind from cleaning services subsidiary as demand from F&B manufacturers grow.

RATCH sets Bt1.5b for 10% stake in PRINC, part of investment in healthcare business.

Comment: Founder of PRINC is the son of another hospital magnate (just google), he’s been doing this since…2014.

WIIK upbeats FY21 earnings from recovery demand for PPR, PVC pipe, contribution from water management & tap water business, eyes 20% revenue growth target.

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