AP maintained launch plan 37 residential projects worth Bt47.1b, eyes Bt40.5b revenue target, Bt51.9b backlog to realize till FY23.

Comment: Well they are perhaps the most aggressive developer out there at the moment

BCP’s confident of rebound in GRM in 2H, boosting this year EBITDA growth of 20%, plans 60 new retail stations from current 1,201, and Intanin coffee by another 160, plans listing of BBGI in 3Q.

Comment: The petrol station players are going to have an amazing 1Q20 due to the higher marketing margins achieved from these lower oil prices.

BH’s major holders, Sophonpanich family, has no plan to sell shares to BDMS, BH board to appeal antitrust board to rule hostile takeover intension.

Comment: This will be amusing to follow. Two of the large sino-thai families up against one another, ding ding ding.

CHAYO in talk to buy NPAs from 2 fin institution worth Bt6b, expects to wrap up in March, adds another Bt4b this year, lifts portfolio above Bt60b, target revenue growth >20% this year.

Comment: These players have a lot of debt to buy, and thats only increasing. Interesting however that the banks don’t feel any pressure to lower their selling prices yet.

EA sets Bt5.1b capex for land leasing rights for battery plant and industrial estate expansion.

Comment: They are buying this from the owner’s son. No conflict of interest at all.

MSCI weighting increase on 4 names effective at the close, CRC, BDMS, BTS, AWC.

SPALI sees YTD sales FY19, will launch 4 SDH projects in March focus on real demand segment, Bt24b out of Bt38.6b outstanding backlog to realize this year.

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