ASIAN: local fund, KSAM, cuts holding by 0.0399% to 4.9908% on Jun 12.

Comment: Taking advantage of the price recovery and/or doubting the potential upside should the industry recover?

AUCT reaffirms solid 2Q from robust traffic thru auction yards on surging repossessed vehicles from financial institution, expects positive momentum continue in 2H.

Comment: They are going to print money for the next 12-18 months

BA sees profit every quarter this year, on higher ticket price and demand, with 40% advanced booking in 3Q, to expand Trad airport to cater for rising Chinese tourists.

Comment: Will this value trap ever sell its shares in BDMS? At one point we’re going to see that story emerge from brokers that this is an undervalued play & combine it with the airline recovery play.

BAFS to build a new 52km oil pipeline to link networks together, with Bt1.2b cost, to boost its trade in the northern region.

CPN in partner with Evolution Data Centres (EDC) to develop a 34 MW data centre, a “carrier-neutral”, to support connections to network service providers without limits.

Comment: Their tentacles are going everywhere, at one point I’m naturally going to become negative on CPN when it acts too much like a monopoly. Until then I’ll cheer the group on as the best non-concession driven behemoth.

CRC upbeats 2H earnings from positive momentum on rental revenue, +SSSG on improved traffic, strong margin from robust sales of fashion category, eased pressure on hardline stores from lower construction materials costs.

GUNKUL expects robust 2Q earnings from higher power gen efficiency on solar high season, Bt5b EPC renewable construction backlog, equipment trading revenue from authorities, keeps 15% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: But they will continue to have the overhang related to the land….

NYT sees vehicles traffic thru RO-RF pier reached 90k units in May driven improved exports & EV import, maintain 8% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: Steady as she goes for this company, look at it as a utility, as EV exports/imports have zero net impact on total automobiles sold

SC maintains 2Q launch plan total 8 residential projects worth Bt16.3b, will launch 5 projects combined Bt12.2b by end of-2Q, tailwind from cod-ed of 79 keys hotel, YANH Ratchawat, strong OCC rate at 4 office buildings, joint invest warehouse with Flash Express and 3 service apartments in Boston to boost earnings.

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