ASP said there’s risk Thai credit rating may be cut, after Moody’s cut Laos’ from B3 to Caa2, a Junk Bond, after running a huge deficit.

Comment: Well Laos’ issue is that they relied on Chinese financing and now have lost their assets to China, whereas Thailand is thankfully (so far) not been as stupid.

CGD sees turnaround in performance this year, supported by Bt12b worth of backlog ready to transfer and plan to launch 2 riverfront projects by end of year.

Comment: And I have some snake oil to sell to you.

CPN reported completion of buyback program total 17.15m shares account for 0.38% of paid-up worth Bt760.62m.

Comment: I do wonder with a lower sales base likely for the next 2 years, will CPN reduce tenant rents or just revert back to 2019 levels asap.

EPG sees 28-30% gross profit margin this year on lower mat costs, firms on Bt9b revenue target with Bt1b cash on hand for investments.

JMT upbeats debt collection services business as accrued debt in the system surged above Bt1trln, adds 2k staffs to expand business, target Bt30b bad debt under management by end of year.

Comment: Just watch how much bad debt they can buy in 4Q20-1Q21

PHOL reassures solid 3Q from strong safety apparel & equipment sales especially PPE suits, gloves, masks, respirators, recovery orders from chemical, auto & construction segments, mulls adding more variety of med protection products (thermal imaging cam, handheld thermal scanner) to capitalize on prolong pandemics, to expand CLMV to boost sales, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

SAWAD maintained 20% FY20 loan growth target, expects credit demand pickup 2H on high season, expand collateral backed lending and insurance broker business to balance revenue mixed.

Comment: There is so much demand for SAWAD in the market, it’s only a question if they want to risk their b/s taking it.

SGP cuts revenue target this year to Bt60b from Bt70b, on Covid and lower average LPG price, but keeps 4m tons sale target.

SMT sees record high profit 3Q20 supported by Bt200-300m recognition of new contract manufacturing orders from 2-3 US, contribution from fiber optic, IC packaging, PCBA and new business from PPE & dental equipment.

Comment: This company appears to be zigging and zagging it’s way back to profitability. Note that since Blackberry’s were popular (one of their major clients) they have yet to sustainably grow/maintain their business.

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