Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem), which relates to DGC’s BoD Member Khuc Ngoc Giang, successfully divested its entire stake of 6.04mn DGC shares (3.53%) via order-matching method from Mar 03 to Mar 10. Besides, Mrs. Le Thi Thuy, mother in law of Chairman Dao Huu Huyen, registered to divest all her stake of 143,967 DGC shares (0.08%) via order-matching and block trade methods from Mar 21 to Apr 19. Moreover, during the same period, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Lan, wife of Chairman Huyen and mother of CEO cum BoD member Dao Huu Duy Anh, registered to buy 42k DGC shares via the same methods. If successful, she would increase her stake from 3.83% to 3.85% (6.6mn shares).

According to the documents prepared for the upcoming 2022 AGM, co. targets its 2022 net revenue of VND27trl (+20% YoY), PBT of VND720bn (+30% YoY) and 2022 cash dividend of VND1,000/ share. Besides, co. proposes the plan to pay 2021 cash dividend of VND500/share and stock dividend at the ratio of 2:1, expected no later than 3Q22.

Comment: Likely to continue to rock and roll despite being the number 2 player in the country


Today is the ex-date for paying the first 2021 cash dividend of VND1,000/share. Payment date will be Apr 20. FYI, today’s reference price will be adjusted from VND71,500 to VND70,500. Furthermore, 7.5mn HDG shares, which were previously issued for executing purchase rights, will be available for trading on Mar 23.

The Gioi Di Dong JSC, a subsidiary of MWG, officially enters into a joint venture partnership with PT Erafone Artha Retailindo (Erafone), a subsidiary of Erajaya Group in Indonesia, through the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement to form a joint venture company PT Era Blue Elektronic (Era Blue). The first Ear Blue store, slated to open in mid 2022 in Jakarta, promises to revolutionize the consumer electronics retail industry and offers unrivaled product offering and elevated consumer experience.

Comment: A bit confusing as they are effectively operating in the same industry and business, not sure what erajaya is going to bring to the table…

Vice Chairman cum CEO Vo Thanh Dang failed to buy any share out of 1mn QNS shares registered from Feb 09 to Mar 10. After that, he re-registered to buy 1mn shares via order-matching and block trade methods from Mar 17 to Apr 15. Currently, Mr. Dang owns 23.86mn shares (6.68%).

Comment: Perfect example of the funny market that VN can be at times, management and board members have to register their intent to buy or sell shares of their own shares, this normally leads to a little pump as retail investors get excited, but then the management/board member can change their minds and the pump is gone.

Mrs. Phung Thi Thu Hong, sister of Vice CEO Phung Quang Hung, registered to sell 150k TCB shares via order-matching and block trade methods from Mar 18 to Apr 12. If successful, her stake would be decreased from 0.0078% to 0.0035% (122,274 shares).

Comment: I find it silly seeing people sell shares in the great quality banks in VN, until basel 3 is enacted, all the good banks are just going to see decent nims, constant loan growth due to the fdi into the country which then circulates throughout the economy and then the consumer continuing to grow and spend massively.

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