BWG reports cod 7mw waste powerplants.

Comment: As with all of these projects, it was delayed for a year but in the end its up and running and a positive.

MOF grants Pico finance license to KTC, aims to control interest rate competition in the market, expects to approve nano fin & P-loan before end of year.

Comment: The issue for KTC is that every new expansion won’t deliver the same ROICs nor move the needle much in profits, because they are the market today

ORI sees solid turnaround 3Q from transfer of Bt3.9b Knightbridge Prime Sathorn condo projects, target 9 new projects worth Bt14.1b in 2H, YTD presales topped Bt20b, account for 71% of Bt28b FY19 target, several SDH projects to transfer in 4Q.

Comment: Let’s see how the numbers actually come out..

SPALI CEO/Founder & spouse, Prateep & Atchara Tangmatitham, bought 1.959m shares at Bt17.7 on Monday (Sept 23), SEC filing

Cabinet approves tax cut for collagen drinks to 10% from 14%, positive SAPPE & OSP, vegetable & fruit juices cut to 3% from 10% positive TIPCO & MALEE.

Comment: Some breathing room for the drink co’s

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