EA joins forces with Laos government to establish super holding co., to pursue 7GW clean energy, centrally manage electricity from clean energy in Laos, oversees renewable project expansion, manage electricity exports, support the use of EV in the country to reduce crude imports.

Comment: Super Holding Co in dodgy laos? Does EA think they’re going to break into CK’s little monopoly on Laos power? Whatever…EA to zero.

ICHI sees positive 2Q momentum supported by growth from all product segments, surged demand for beverage amid summer season, tailwind from new product launched (Ichitan Chew Chew) green tea mixed coconut jelly, firms on Bt9b FY24 revenue target.

Comment: Everyone had the same story in 1Q – hot weather = more drinks sold…so how now brown cow…it’s “cooler” again.

GLOBAL sees 2Q SSSG turns positive from -5% in 1Q, ramp up campaign to boost sales, aims to maintain GPM within 25-26% range same as 1Q, sets Bt3b capex to revamp branches & expand home improvement stores domestic and overseas.

RJH: FIL Ltd cuts holding by 0.0601% to 4.941% on May 9.

THCOM expects big jump 2Q supported by robust growth from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites internet, mulls expanding clients base to several industries, keeps 5-10% FY24 revenue growth target,

Comment: If only you had proper management…

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