{CII VN Equity}  VIAC (No. 1) Ltd Partnership, which relates to BoD member Nguyen Hong Son, registered to sell 5.5mn CII shares via order matching and block trade methods from Feb 25 to Mar 25. If successful, its stake would be decreased from 3.01% to 0.71% (1.69mn shares).

Comment: Here’s the amusing thing in VN, BoD members have to registered with the local SEC their intent to buy/sell shares. Now if they actually complete the buy/sell – this is a different matter. Now I’m not going to comment/post each transaction going after today, unless its interesting…

Viettel Construction JSC {CTR VN Equity }  – Listed for trading: Today is the first trading date of 92.92mn CTR shares at the reference price of VND85,400/share. FYI, the trading band on the first trading date is +/-20% of reference price.

Comment: Normally VN stocks upper/lower limit in a day is +/- 7%.

{DIG VN Equity}  Vice Chairman Nguyen Hung Cuong bought 145k shares out of 5mn registered shares via order-matching or block trade method from Jan 18 to Feb 18, thus increasing his stake from 10.25% to 10.28% (51.4mn shares).

{FRT VN Equity }  Vice CEO Nguyen Viet Anh bought 97.2k FRT shares out of 200k registered shares via order matching method from Jan 19 to Feb 17, thus increasing his stake from 0.53% to 0.65% (512,764 shares). After that, he continued to register to buy 200k FRT shares via order matching and/or block trade methods from Mar 01 to Mar 30. If successful, his stake would be increased to 0.90% (712,764 shares).

Comment: Pre MWG’s expansion into fresh market retailing, this was the baby competitor in the mobile phone retailing segment, think JMART vs COM7 back in the day.

{HAH VN Equity}  Vu Thi Ngoc Anh, wife of BoD member Tran Quang Tien, registered to divest 500k HAH shares (1.025%) via order  matching and/or block trade methods from Feb 24 to Mar 25.

{MWG VN Equity}  BoD approved to issue max 19.22mn additional ESOP shares (equivalent to 2.696% outstanding shares) at the price of VND10,000/share. Such shares will be subjected to 4-year lockup. Expected time would be in March or April 2022, after getting SSC’s approval.

Comment: MWG has been very generous with ESOP shares to management, employees, “franchises” over the past 5 years. The CEO has argued this helped to generate loyalty for the company and to incentivize every level of management, at times though…it’s been rather dilutive..

* {TCM VN Equity }  E-land Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd, which relates to BoD Member Lee Eun Hong, bought 1.2mn TCM shares via order-matching method from Feb 07 to Feb 16. Therefore, its stake increased from 43.27% to 44.95% (32.08mn shares).

Comment: The business hasn’t gone anywhere in the past 4 years, and this environment has been squeezing their margins…

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