Week 10/04 – 14/04 Company acb.vn, anv.vn, bcg.vn, bsr.vn,  bwe.vn, dgc.vn,  dig.vn,  fcn.vn, fmc.vn,  gvr.vn, hbc.vn, hvn.vn,  kbc.vn,  mpc.vn, mwg.vn,  pan.vn,  pnj.vn, ree.vn,  shb.vn, vhm.vn, ACB VN: recorded, in 1Q2023, PBT of VND5,120 bn (+24% YoY), reaching 26% of the whole year plan. In 2023, ACB sets PBT target of VND20,058 bn (+17.2% YoY) and […]

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