BAY added 3 features, digital account opening, online travel insurance service and e-marketplace (promo campaign) to KMA mobile app to double vol of active users.

Comment: And then once the banks have hooked us onto their apps will they begin to charge fees?

EA denies chatter that Taxi Co-op had cancel order for 3,500 EV, that caused share price to fall 8% yesterday, saying on track to deliver 1st lot in 2Q20.

Comment: The biggest risk is the battery firm they’ve invested in…without the rosy outlook, the value of the firm halves.

GPI reports 60% space booked for Yangon International Motor Show event in January, expects strong earnings 1H20 from several organizing events on hand.

ROJNA in talk with large Japanese corporate for up to 100 rais land sale deal by end of year, confident of 400-500 rais target this year.

Comment: More news coming out of ROJNA, will this name no longer be a value trap?

SIRI sees strong 4Q, on booking of Bt14-15b worth of JV projects revenue, boosting FY19 profit.

Comment: I will find it amusing when the market changes their tone on the real estate sector, however there has been an influx of many small single or 2 project players that are going to suffer.

SENA’s confident of Bt10b presales target, after securing Bt5b 9M19, supported by government’s cut of mortgage and transfer fee to 0.01%, plans 5 new projects worth Bt12b in 4Q19.

Comment: See SIRI comment

SPVI raised revenue growth forecast to 15% from 10%, on strong iPhone 11 sales, sets 10% growth target for next year.

Comment: And COM7 will say the same news

TU: SEC amended acquisition/disposition filing (Form 246-2), saying Social Security Office sold 0.1359% of total outstanding shares on Oct 24, leaves 4.8776% post transaction, previous report was the other way round

Comment: Well then, the government organisation can’t report it’s own transactions properly.

  1. Seeing alot of consolidation in the OOH media space recently, VGI swallowing up a chunk of Plan B who in turn swallowed up a large chunk of MACO who in turn bought out Hello Bangkok, even smaller players like Aqua Ad have bought out players like Boardway Media and S Thana. VGI tried to acquire the 4th place Aqua back in 2014, but couldnt close the deal for what ever reason.

    At the current rate there will only be 2-3 companies in this segment when all the buy outs materialise, does Thailand have competition laws?

    • Yes the country does, How well its enforced who knows…there are only 3 telcos….a few banks…a few sugar players…a few rice players…a few well everything except perhaps in IT…hence why the inequality ratio in Thailand is the highest globally.

      BTS is just going out there and creating monopolies through cross shareholdings. BTS and VGI own MACO, BTS owns VGI, VGI bought into PLANB, and now PLANB acquires a stake in MACO. Plus all this has helped their share price performance…

      • Crazy valuation, Hello Bangkok is being valued at 3.9Billion baht for a firm that earned 64M baht NPAT last year and has. 3 year average of about 73m per year.

        • Boom! There goes MACO share price. Now here’s a fun exercise what if all of these expensive transactions lead to goodwill being provisioned off => losses at the plc => waterfall effect back to planb => vgi => bts?

          Probably not..these are small figures when looking at BTS #’s.

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