AOT – Passenger numbers grow 12% in 2012 — AOT reports that the number of passengers in 2012 have grew 12% to 74mn, with the number of international passengers increasing to 46mn, pushing the number of flights to 490,000. (Khao Hoon, 07/01/13)

Comment: Tourism tourism tourism, AOT always had been a cheap stock, if only management would improve further then there would be nothing holding back this stock price.

BECL – Traffic grows just 0.11% in December — BECL reported traffic movement at 1.09mn cars/day, showing a slow growth at +0.11% YoY in Dec 2012. (Company)

Comment: CK and BECL have been on a tear as a result of the group’s restructuring

BLAND – Expects profit from Impact — BLAND is expected to book profits and assets from its recent acquisition of 44% of Impact for Bt6.7bn. Payment for Impact is to be made on January 18. The company plans to list Impact and also set up a new property fund to fund its Muang Thong expansion project. Revenue from its Double Lake condominium project is expected to be booked this year. (Khao Hoon, 07/01/13)

Comment: K. Anantttttttttttttttttt!

CPF –  Plans rapid expansion of ready-to-eat chicken stalls — CPF plans to expand the number of its fried chicken and 5-Star chicken stores from 50 this year to 500 over the next five years. The company expects to invest Bt100,000-180,000 per store. (Khao Hoon, 07/01/13)

DEMCO –  Targets 5-10% revenue growth in 2013 — DEMCO targets revenue growth of 5-10% this year to Bt6-6.2bn. Profits this year are also expected to be strong, supported by the lower corporate tax for this year of 20%. The company will also book more than B5150mn from its wind project, Huaybong 2-3 and has a backlog of Bt4.5bn from the sale of steel structure for 3G projects. (Khao Hoon, 07/01/13)

Comment: The company used to be a part of our holdings however given its increase and the risk/return dynamic looking less attractive we exited, however management is still doing a great job over there.

ITD – Government level meeting before April start of construction — Thailand and Myanmar will meet again in February to discuss the development plans for the Dawei project before the start of the construction scheduled for April. ITD says a decision has been made on the proportion of investment in this project with the governments of Thailand and Myanmar each holding 37.5% stake and ITD will hold 25%. (Krungthep Turakij, 07/01/13)

Comment: The loss of Dawei could actually be a positive for ITD to get their financials back in order, the project was far too large for them to anyways.

NNCL –  Plans two new IE on east and west coasts — NNCL plans to develop two new industrial estates to support customer demand on the east and west coasts. It targets revenue growth of 10% in 2013 and aims to acquire 800 rai to support the expansion of its industrial estate in Korat. (Khao Hoon, 07/01/13)

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