Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 237 mn

  • AJD – He sold the warrants to buy his shares
  • TSR – Seems like the CEO bought this stake off another shareholder (~3%)
  • NMG – And the VP still continues to buy buy buy

Sell(s) THB 2,629 mn

  • TUF – A massive block sale by the family – question, if you believe your company is worth xx% more would you sell this size a stake?
  • KC – It’s a change in major shareholding with all the original shareholders out and K. Pattarapob (ex STEC , current AJP owner) in.
  • FANCY – Big sales by the family – another reverse IPO/backdoor listing in the making?
  • S11 – I’m not surprised to see continued insider selling here. Silly valuations.
  • AJD – See above

150316 mgmt_Trades

  1. There seems to be news on NMG today. A complaint case being lodged against NMG. Reading this on my news ticker but it’s all in Thai.
    Do you have any news on this?

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